It begins from / "Kyoto of cat" tomorrow on Wednesday, May 17!

All of you hello!
In Museum "Eki" KYOTO, we hold "Kyoto of Mitsuaki Iwago photo exhibition cat" until Sunday, June 4 from tomorrow.
A lot of one looked forward to may come.
We feature the theme of "Kyoto" this time. Please enjoy expression of cat to show in various situation!
We introduce part of goods sold earlier in venue today!
This offers product which did manufacturer and collaboration of "Kyoto" that is this theme, too.

<Uneno of soup stock>
Flower bonito…450 yen (limited number of), bonito miso clause…920 yen (limited number of)
※Price is all tax-included price.
※As amount includes product with limit, forgive on out of stock.

We look forward to your coming!