Introduction of Wednesday, September 20 / original goods

All of you, hello.
We introduce treasure Tatsuaki Kuroda exhibition of Kyoto, ichioshino exhibition original product this time.
To key good bunch with the history more than 300 years, Tatsuaki Kuroda had motif well make Japanese style boro "end" which modelled <treasure end pattern> which we did with work since its formation.

"End"…324 yen
*This place is different from real package.
We use miso and olive oil, and texture that we did quickly is new Japanese style cookies.
Originally, present head of a household, zenzo of the key good twelfth generation, design and furniture of shop are ordered from Tatsuaki Kuroda, is relationship having been continued since time. We borrow some of works than key good state by book exhibition.
In memory after you saw display, please appreciate.

In addition, similarly ticket holder 378 yen that made <treasure end Fumi> motif is pretty at all and is recommended.
Please as not only you use but also souvenir to family or friend by all means!

※As there is product limited in number, forgive on out of stock.
※All prices are tax-included.