Tuesday, July 17 / new publication image exhibition recommended product "forte"

All of you, hello! It is K of the Museum staff.
We appreciate your visiting new print exhibition, every day many customers.

It is "forte" of new print exhibition original product to introduce today!

From leaning to the left
[in spring] Hiroshi Yoshida << Kansai gets sterile >> Matcha kompeito
[in the summer] Hiroshi Yoshida << the Kurobe River in one of 12 Japan Alps >> brown sugar kompeito
[in winter] Hasui Kawase << scenery selection Izumo Shimizu, Yasugi, Japan >> Matcha kompeito
[in autumn] Hasui Kawase << awaking fretful of Japanese scenery selection Kiso >> brown sugar kompeito
For each 648 yen (tax-included)
※As you are available in limited quantities, forgive on out of stock.

The contents are kompeito, but this "forte" is large, and, as for the Matcha taste, taste of brown sugar is doing brown sugar taste of Matcha well, and it is delicious at all!
We hold down sweetness to core, and buckwheat is made, and brown sugar taste is texture that seems to eat brown sugar!
Package becomes pattern of the four season of publication to new print exhibition fryer.
After having eaten kompeito, you use as small box and you lean and can use☆

Please appreciate by all means!