As well as the four seasons of Kyoto full of color
There are many long-established stores which we follow tradition in Kyoto and respected

When we talk about Kyoto
The word called this is used well
While being like contradicting words, these one and indivisible words
It is word to express today's long-established store

In tradition and culture that we inherited
New wind blows, and person ties

JR Kyoto Isetan reached the opening 20th anniversary this year

As for the twenty years, is caught in deep Kyoto of the history; ritsu power
Something like child whom we walked and were able to send
Having this booklet come up
People who inherit thing reputation more than founding 100 years
Adult having big back

While looking at the back
We learn sense of beauty to come from Kyoto

Kyoto that is deep so as to know if we know
We would appreciate your feeling thing to tie now to with person from breathing

Finally we reached the 20th anniversary than well-established all of you
We had thought to JR Kyoto Isetan
At the same time, please read

Favorite town, Kyoto.
It was fused, and, in the place visited by coverage, very deeply impressive thing was in modern sense at the same time while following good old tradition.
Place that was always new, and was filled with surprises.
It wants to come again and again. For me, it is the second hometown.

Is straight person; lose strength

Top model who appears on many fashion magazines and CM, radios, and plays an active part in global. The healthy beauty attracts attention from many aspects as Asian beauty to pass in the world of dispatch in Japan.
Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts graduation.