Thanksgiving Day of JR Kyoto Isetan summer

●From Wednesday, May 9 to 29th Tuesday
●Each JR Kyoto Isetan = floor

Fresh and young green and dazzling solar light.
With footsteps of early summer,
Summer Thanksgiving Day begins.


Mainly on feel of texture and comfortable blouse, we offer JR Kyoto Isetan-limited item in West Japan.
<rufutorobu> blouse 17,280 yen (70% of cotton, polyester 30% /M)

※Underwear is reference product.

Blouse Collection by superior closet

■From Wednesday, May 9 to 15th Tuesday
■The third-floor = the stage # 3

An example of exhibition brand:
<rufutorobu> <inedo> <7-ID concept> others

<Frandre> point campaign

Purchase point of <Frandre> product is double during period on Tuesday for from Wednesday, May 9 to 22nd.

※Please ask the staff member for more detailed information.

  • Limitation

    Including free cup by craftsman with picture of Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware, we introduce container and ornament of goldfish motif which can enjoy summer cool air in room.
    Glass-free cup for each 3,240 yen (all 6 pattern / approximately 8*7cm in diameter) with Kyoto picture [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]

    Goldfish ♡ goldfish ♡ goldfish

    ■From Wednesday, May 9 to 15th Tuesday
    ■The eighth-floor = friendship Western dishes

  • Limitation

    We sell this bracken rice cake which is full of flavors using this bracken powder only in Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    <Murasakino Wakuden> >1,620 yen (with 200g/ soybean flour) only for 40 points of bracken rice cake <every day

    ※It is sold only Sunday for from Friday to 27th on Sunday, 25th for from Friday to 20th on Sunday, 18th for from Friday, May 11 to 13th.
    ※Consumption period: It is 4th in cold storage from production date

    ■Taste of B1 = long-established store

  • Fair

    Sandals which were clogged up with trendy element including vivid color and sports taste.
    <staccato> woman sandals for each 18,144 yen (22.0-24.5cm)

    <staccato> fair

    ■From Wednesday, May 9 to 22nd Tuesday
    ■The second-floor = opera pump

  • Limitation

    Comfortable Kyoto shrinkage texture is used by body. Limited polo shirt which made Kofu of indigo dyeing on pocket.
    <detowa> gentleman polo shirt 14,040 yen (charcoal gray navy green / cotton 100% /M, L) [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]

    Polo shirt fair

    ■From Wednesday, May 9 to 22nd Tuesday
    ■The sixth-floor = authentic casual wear

/JR Kyoto Isetan Top/