Thanksgiving Day of JR Kyoto Isetan summer

●... Tuesday, May 29 during holding
●Each JR Kyoto Isetan = floor

Fresh and young green and dazzling solar light.
With footsteps of early summer,
Summer Thanksgiving Day begins.


Under the theme of green in living, we introduce latest women's wear, miscellaneous goods of original embrace by owner designer Kazuko Onishi.
Blouse 42,120 yen (basis cloth: in cotton 100%, embroidery thread thread: cotton 100%, bottom thread: polyester 100% /M, L)
Skirt 48,600 yen (basis cloth: cotton 100%,:: polyester 100% cotton 100%, bottom thread thread in embroidery thread, lining: cupra /M, L)


During period, we give original can badge to purchase, the first 50 people more than 5,400 yen (tax-included) in the following venue.

<PJC> Limited time shop

World ... of original embrace by ... designer Kazuko Onishi
■From Wednesday, May 16 to 22nd Tuesday
■Clover / promotion space of size that the third-floor = woman has a big

Designer Kazuko Onishi visit

■Wednesday, May 16, 17th Thursday

※The person in charge may be absent by time.

  • Fair

    We offered hat of something natural material by limitation with others which added person trouble, and gave elaborate embroidery.
    <rakoruteemowa> woman hat 21,600 yen [Mitsukoshi Isetan group-limited]

    Hat Festival

    ■From Monday, May 14 to 29th Tuesday
    ■The second-floor = woman miscellaneous goods
    [an example of exhibition brand]
    <ashinanyuyoku> <Anastasia> is <Modi strike> others <image rail> <shapodoo>

  • Fair

    Variety had popular fancy goods of application "great war by pusss" from Kyoto wealthily.
    <great war by pusss>
    Cat 2,679 yen including sewing
    Mini-porch 1,491 yen
    Lunch box set 2,139 yen

    <OUTDOOR (outdoor)> collaboration rucksack 9,504 yen (approximately 41*34*13.5cm)


    During period, we give can badge to purchase, the first 1,000 people more than 540 yen (tax-included) in the following venue.

    <great war by pusss> period limited sale

    ■From Wednesday, May 16 to Tuesday, June 5
    ■= special venue on the seventh floor

  • Fair

    Sandals which were clogged up with trendy element including vivid color and sports taste.
    <staccato> woman sandals for each 18,144 yen (22.0-24.5cm)

    <staccato> fair

    ■From Wednesday, May 9 to 22nd Tuesday
    ■The second-floor = opera pump

  • Limitation

    Comfortable Kyoto shrinkage texture is used by body. Limited polo shirt which made Kofu of indigo dyeing on pocket.
    <detowa> gentleman polo shirt 14,040 yen (charcoal gray navy green / cotton 100% /M, L) [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]

    Polo shirt fair

    ■From Wednesday, May 9 to 22nd Tuesday
    ■The sixth-floor = authentic casual wear

/JR Kyoto Isetan Top/