Summer living big fair

■From Wednesday, July 18 to 23rd Monday <finished daylong at 6:00 p.m.>
■The tenth floor of JR Kyoto Isetan = Promotional Area

※All the products without mail insurance are reference products.

Let's ride out intense heat

We are conscious of power saving

Sleep that is comfortable in feeling of cold material even if we weaken air conditioner

❶<30 point of a lot of contact feeling of cold pads limit >2,160 yen (approximately 100*205cm) with floor
❷<50 point of a lot of contact feeling of cold pillow pads limit >1,080 yen (approximately 50*60cm)
※Pillow, bed are reference products.

  • We use cool air material and goods

    ❶<20 point of a lot of shrinkage skin comforters limit >9,072 yen (approximately 140*190cm)
    ❷<30 point of a lot of contact feeling of cold bedcovers limit >4,320 yen (approximately 150*210cm)
    ❸<30 point of a lot of pads limit >5,400 yen (approximately 100*205cm) with hemp floor
    ●From a lot of coolant neck air conditioners 1,080 yen with
    ●Moment cooling spray 540 yen (100㎖) to cool together with clothes

  • We shorten heating time

    ❶Vacuum thermal insulation cooking pan <30 point limit >4,320 yen (3.2ℓ)
    ❷Switching pressure-style pressure cooker <30 point limit >3,240 yen (gas Tue., IH-adaptive /2.5ℓ)

We do not store up heat

We spend time with cool carpet refreshingly lightly

❶Rattan wickerwork mat <20 point limit >9,180 yen (approximately 50*80cm)
❷Rush carpet <20 point limit >9,720 yen (2 tatami between about 174 X 174cm/ Edo)
●<Kyoto Nishikawa> <30 point of dehumidification sheet limit >3,780 yen (approximately 90*180cm) for bed, mattress

  • We keep room temperature, humidity comfortably

    ❶<TANITA> Digital temperature-humidity meter <50 points limit >1,728 yen
    ❷<TWINBIRD> circulator <20 point limit >4,860 yen (28*16*28cm)

  • We wear comfortable clothing in summer

    ❶From a lot of sallow samadh replies 2,700 yen (M - L correspondence)
    ❷<100 point of a lot of shrinkage material woman pajamas limit >3,240 yen (M L)

  • We consume moisture diligently

    ❶<Hario> Getting out Wed. tea pot <100 point limit >1,080 yen (0.7ℓ, 1.2ℓ) with basket network
    ❷<burita> <30 point of pot type water purifier "aruna XL" limit >2,808 yen (2ℓ)

  • 1,080 yen is uniform

    A lot of kitchen appliances
    [an example of product] ●Both iron pans with a handle ●One-handed pan ●Frying pan ●Barley tea kettle ●Nagashi somen device ●Electric snow cone device ●Shochu server ●Table pot ●Pickle device ●Preservation container set and others

  • 10,800 yen is uniform

    <30 point of a lot of feather comforters limit> (85% of down, feather 15%/ about 1.1kg/ approximately 150*210cm)

  • 10,800 yen is uniform

    <biTaku Raft> a lot of 7 full-scale laminar structure pan, frying pans <30 points of limits in total> (gas Tue., IH correspondence)

  • Store display or item on display limit! Good bargain product that there is reason in

    ●From towel (popular brand et al.) various 216 yen
    ●From a lot of toiletry articles 540 yen
    ●<50 point of a lot of cushions limit >3,024 yen (approximately 55*59cm) with cover
    ●From a lot of brand sum Western dishes 1,080 yen of popularity
    ●From Arita ware making, Kyoto ceramic ware, Kiyomizu ware, a lot of Kutani chinaware other Japanese dishes 1,080 yen
    ●<biTaku Raft> from a lot of full-scale 9 laminar structure pans, frying pans 7,776 yen
    ●<lacquer mountain metal> a lot of frying pans 1,080 yen

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