JR Kyoto Isetan foundation celebration AUTUMN BEAUTY

Autumn beauty

■... Tuesday, September 25 during holding


The second-floor = cosmetics

A.Wrinkle improvement liquid cosmetics which bring tension luster on part which signature of age is easy to be engraved into
<COSME DECORTE> eye P shot advanced 10,800 yen (unregulated drug /20g)
[Sunday, September 16 release]
B.Gel cream for eye that paid its attention to drying by blue light and ultraviolet ray
<Estee Lauder> advance knight repair eye SR complex 8,100 yen (13 g)
C.We adhere to curve ball of face. By snack movement to drain to scoop new custom of care
<re-F> Re-F gua sha Ray 25,704 yen
D.Aging care * Ceram that approaches state of each skin appropriately
<Kanebo> lift Ceram 14,580 yen (unregulated drug /30mL)

*It is care depending on age.

The third-floor = natural cosmetics

E.Body lotion to lead to tension skin which growth is good, and is soft
<niruzuyadoremedizu> franc Kyn sense & Mandarin body lotion 5,184 yen (200mL)


  • Cushion foundation to create beauty full of translucency comes up

    <cle de peau Beaute> tongue cushion Eclat 9,720 yen (all six colors) [Friday, September 21 release]
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • We balance lightness with cover power. Foundation which is hard to perform sebum break

    <shu uemura> the light valve cushion foundation 5,940 yen (all six colors of /SPF40, PA+++/13g)
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • Popular item to lead to a certain translucency skin by skin care distribution of the ingredients

    <Bobbi Brown> intensive skin Ceram foundation 7,452 yen (all 13 colors of /SPF40, PA++++/30mL)
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • Clear color development and fresh and young luster. For fluent reckoning feeling to lips color

    <elegance> Cruise live Lee rouge for each 2,700 yen (all 20 colors of /SPF20) [September 17 Monday (holiday) release]
    ※It deals with <elegance> at Albion corner.
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • In expression that stacks teak color on skin plonk, and is pretty softly

    <Anna Sui> stamp teak color 3,240 yen (all five colors)
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • To palette of two colors and delicate glitter which are mat having one two colors

    <dokutahaushuka> eye shadow palette 6,264 yen
    ■The third-floor = natural cosmetics


  • <SK-II> piterafasutoekusuperiensukitto 9,720 yen
    (facial treatment essence (item on display /75mL), facial treatment clear lotion (30mL), facial treatment mask (one piece)) [Friday, September 21 release]
    ※It becomes customer-limited kit subscribed for the first time in <SK-II>.
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • <three> emingutoraiarukitto R 9,504 yen
    (kurenjingubamu (18 g), soap (20 g), lotion (30mL), emulsion
    (28mL) cream (10g)/ organic cotton (six pieces)) [Wednesday, September 19 release]
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • <est> <30 set of SOFINA iP base care essence set limit >5,400 yen
    (SOFINA iP base care essence (item on display /90g), esutozaroshon (30mL))
    [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited] [Wednesday, September 19 release]
    ■The second-floor = cosmetics

  • <Asta lift> essence destiny kit <20 point limit >6,480 yen
    (*3 essence destiny (item on display /30mL), drink pure collagen 10000 (30mL))
    [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited] [Wednesday, September 19 release]
    ■The first-floor = skin care & hair care

  • <station wagon tart> natural base make kit <20 point limit >7,560 yen
    (mineral silk glow foundation (item on display /11g), mineral silk pre-makeup (item on display /30mL), chiffon veil puff)
    [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited] [Wednesday, September 19 release]
    ■The first-floor = skin care & hair care