B1 food floor
zosho remodeling open memory

Special sale

■From Wednesday, December 5 to Tuesday, December 11th
■Each JR Kyoto Isetan = floor

※All the products without mail insurance are reference products.

  • <Venus> a lot of woman booties
    21,600 yen19, 440 yen
    ※Product of photograph has a limit to size.
    ■The second-floor = opera pump

  • <100 point of a lot of handbags limit>
    For each 3,900 yen (with cool bag or folding subbag)
    ■The third-floor = handbag

  • <80 point of a lot of woman coats limit> for each 10,800 yen (M L)
    ■= special venue on the third floor

  • <30 point of a lot of domestic sewing gentleman suits limit >10,800 yen (A, AB body: 4-7)
    [JR Kyoto Isetan-limited]
    ■The sixth-floor = business suit / international classical music

  • A lot of kitchen appliances, storing articles <500 points of limits in total> for each 1,080 yen (product made in preservation container set glass stands cover stocker pedal Peer frying pan, one-handed pan, both hands hotpot made of takoyaki device, electric hand mixer, *kata colander & tray set glass belonging to, desk hotpot, laundry bag stainless steel hanger pinch ironing board others)
    ※Photograph is an example of product.
    ■The eighth-floor = kitchen appliances

  • Domestic kitchen utensil feature

    [an example of product]
    ●Fuefuki kettle 2,160 yen (2.5ℓ)
    ●Shabu-shabu hotpot 2,160 yen (for exclusive use of gas Tue.)
    ●Both iron pans with a handle 3,240 yen (all heat source-adaptive /20cm)
    ●Frying pan 2,700 yen (all heat source-adaptive /20cm)
    ■The eighth-floor = kitchen appliances

  • <Michiko London> zipper type carry case <15 point limit> for each 8,748 yen
    (all three colors: green orange bar Gandhi / outside size: about 55 X 35 X 24cm/ about 2.7kg/ about 32ℓ)
    ■The tenth floor = viaticals "travelers"

  • It is only for Sunday for from Wednesday, December 5 to 9th

    >2,001 yen (belonging to bread seven kinds / tote bag) only for 50 points of opening set fun bag <every day
    ■AWASE of B1 = bread

  • <CALBEE plus>
    <1,000 set of fun tote bag set limit >1,620 yen (belonging to), love Li Ji's / tote bag containing Essen potato small sack (three kinds), nurejaga pork fried on a skewer sauce taste, Takumi (ten pieces)
    ※Photograph is an example of product. Pattern of tote bag may be changed.
    ■B1 = Western confectionery

  • <Kyoto garden anon>
    Bean jam cake fun bag <100 point limit >1,340 yen (Kyoto is graceful) containing andora X for each three, ampone (two)
    ■B1 = Japanese confectionery