JR Kyoto Isetan JR Kyoto Isetan

600-8555 Higashi-Shiokoji Shiokoji-Sagaru Karasuma St. Shimogyou-ku Kyoto City Japan
Phone number
Main switchboard: 075-352-1111 (main switchboard)
COLOR adviser
We analyze skin, eyes, hair color that customer has by nature and advise personal color that he/she looks good with. In addition, we suggest wearing and color coordinates.
2th-6th floors, the ninth floor
Fitting adviser
We accept size adjustment to make use of clothes, body, knowledge about fitting, and to have ready-made clothes dress have good comfort more beautifully.
The ninth floor of the sixth floor of 3th-5th floors = women's wear = men's wear = sportswear
Beaute concierge
Across frame of brand, we do advice and product suggestion about overall skin care, basics of makeup that fitted customer. ※It is given priority to reservation ※Free of charge
The second-floor = cosmetics
Shoe Counselor
With foot and technical knowledge about shoes, we make use of measurement, fitting technology and help selection of shoes which were correct to foot of customer.
The ninth floor of the seventh floor of the sixth floor of the second-floor = opera pump = gentleman shoes = child miscellaneous goods = sports shoes
Formal dressing specialist
We make use of rule of formal wear and knowledge about the clothing and advise precise selection of clothes and wearing to TPO of ceremonial occasion.
The fourth-floor = woman formal wear the sixth floor = men's wear
Intimate Apparel Adviser
We make use of knowledge about body of product and woman and do more beautiful line of the body and advice for a feeling of comfortable wearing.
The fifth-floor = woman underwear
Maternity baby concierge
We make use of technical knowledge from the pregnancy to delivery, child care and do advice to be useful for in the life scene about the pregnancy, delivery including how to spend help and the pregnancy period of selection of delivery preparations article.
The seventh-floor = maternity, delivery preparations article
Maternity adviser
It faces each other toward the maternity and, from mother's body protection before product to body care of after giving birth, advises generally and helps selection of product.
The seventh-floor = maternity
Mother and the child health consultation
The acceptance date and time: From the midday of every Saturday to 4:00 p.m.
The seventh-floor = baby rest station
Gift adviser
We suggest origin, rule of ceremonial occasion, annual function, appearance of gift, help and gift appearance of selection of article which is appropriate based on product knowledge that makes use of knowledge such as suitable articles, and is correct.
The sixth floor of the third floor of B1, B2 = food = handbag = Men's Clothing& Accessories
The eighth-floor = Household Goods, bedclothing, interior gift Salon the tenth floor = Stationary&Souvenirs
Jewelry coordinator
We make use of product knowledge and technical knowledge about material, production of jewelry and advise selection of product and coordinates.
= jewels and ornaments on the ninth floor
Kimono consultant
We make use of knowledge about kimono and technique of dressing and advise help and wearing of selection of kimono and accessory which we put together in the scene.
The ninth-floor = fabrics for kimono
Wine adviser - ・
Master of sake tasting, shochu adviser−
Adviser - with technical knowledge helps with selection of article.
B1 = Japanese and Western liquors
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