It is scrolled to bottom
It is scrolled to bottom

It is hot and is cold in winter in the summer.

Ancient people whet Gokan simply because it is such Kyoto,

We brought up wisdom and culture that tasted season exhaustively.

This land cultivated TEBACO

Place where is touched in "heart to enjoy change of time."

We take in change of air sensitively,

In finding small pleasure to time

Casual every day becomes irreplaceable treasure.

A feeling of wakuwaku which is when it opens Urashima's box to be born there.

How do you enjoy now?

Essence of "seasonal play" to brighten daily life

Do you not find together in TEBACO?


Theme of this TEBACO "happy longevity."

Event, Setsubun that come from, "we distribute season."
It expels "ogre" who is symbol of cold and gloom, disease and disaster, and get ready to invite "fortune", and to call, and to receive bright spring weather.
You drive away various "ogres" in oneself happily, and pray to be able to spend this one year happily. Do you not find preparations together in spring of TEBACO style?

JR Kyoto Isetan

The third-floor = the stage #3

Business hours from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

kurimo of TEBACO

In TEBACO, there is person loving to enjoy season.
With us around kurimo (Kurisu and forest),
While feeling seasonal change, and learning from compendium of seasonal words from ancient times,
Do you not find hint to do today's living wealthily?

One piece of the best of TEBACO kurimo
One piece of the best of TEBACO kurimo

Picture of Setsubun when late Kosho Shimizu aged bonze of Todai-ji Temple was described in. "Sat. beef apprentice to a priest" who used for the origin of the bean-scattering ceremony, ogre extermination of Setsubun coming in the present age and event of the done Imperial Court, "Engi era type" is motif. When it is colorful and looks at happy apprentices to a priest, we have a feeling that bright mind comes.

As you can see at store, come by all means.